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Anadolu Ceviz Üretim A.Ş., i.e, Anatolian Walnut Production Co. “AWPC” was established in Istanbul-Turkey under the 632272 Turkish Commercial Code and was registered on July 2007 in order to invest/produce and import/export of agricultural products.

On October 2012, the company converted its business type from Limited to Joint Stock and changed its name from “İstanbul Zirai Yatırımlar Limited Şirketi” to “Anadolu Ceviz Üretim A.Ş.” “AWPC”

The company is licensed to produce certified seedlings. Tree grafting is made by the company's specialist teams.

"Chandler" "Aceviz" and "Goldceviz" are registered trademarks of "The Company". "The Company" has a license of organic production (ICEA) which is recognized internationally and during the production process, harmful pesticides and fertilizers to human health are not used. The partners of "The Company" aim to become a global walnut producer, aiming to increase its existing capacity of its investment which has modern production technology.

The company has 2 walnut orchards as follows:

1st Orchard:

The Company currently owns around 1,400 decare of walnut orchard for walnut production in the Aegean region of Turkey. Currently, AWPC has 40,000 “Chandler“ type walnut trees and its pollenizers, growing in a healthy way in this orchard. The plantations/investments is completed in this orchard.

2nd Orchard:

Approximately 10 km away from the 1st orchard; 1,941 decare of a land allocated from the Turkish Government for the production of walnuts. AWPC has 60,000 “Chandler“ type walnut trees and its pollenizers, growing in a healthy way in this orchard.


Anadolu Ceviz Üretim A.Ş.
Ataköy 7-8-9-10. Kısım Mah. E-5 Yan Yol Cad. No:8/1 D:96
34158 Bakırköy / İstanbul

+90(212) 465 65 11 www.anadoluceviz.com.tr