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Why Walnut ?

Turkey is the 3th largest walnut producer and one of the highest walnut consumption rate in the world. In Turkey, there are no big scale production farms of walnut. According to the 2010-2011 TSI data, annual walnut production is 178,142 m/t, consumption is 192,890 m/t, export is 7,309 m/t. This means that in average 30,000 m/t of walnut are imported per year.

There has been increase in walnut prices each year and there has not been walnut stock in the world wide. Organic products are preferred more in each year and its price is around 50% above from the standard walnut prices .

AWPC that is completed the first stage of the investment successfully with its own resources and started production, planning to expand its first stage investment in the growing market conditions that demand for walnut has been increasing.

The company has 40,000 units of Chandler type and its pollenizers on its own land. It is planned that 65,000 unit of trees will be planted in 2,030,000 sqm of Land In the production facility that will reach 105,000 units of walnut trees in the total of 3,375,000 sqm land with completing the capacity increase investment,

Additional investment is planned for the purpose of collecting, calibration, drying, shelling, cracking, packaging and preserving of walnuts in the year of 2015


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