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Organic Walnuts

Usage area of the walnut is very wide other than nutrition in our life.  It is often used in medicine sector, furniture sector, health sector as well as  in beauty and skin care. It is also often used in the natural mixtures that are prepared with walnut leaves for the purpose of being cured from the health problems.

In the Food Sector:  Since the leaves, green hull, branch, root barks of the walnut contains lots of tannins , walnut is a fruit that has an appetizing effect. Walnut is one of the most important fruit that food sector can never give it up. It is possible to see walnuts in hundred kinds products that is produced in the companies that gives services in the food sector as well as in the houses. Walnut is used mostly for the sweet/dessert and chocolate production of the food sector. Baklava which is traditional dessert in Turkey, is almost synonymous with walnut. Shelled walnut is used in traditional baklava production for thousand years. Walnut which also can be substitute for animal protein source, is a very valuable product with containing high rate of unsaturated fat acids. The walnut which contains Thiamin, vitamin B6, folacin; is quite rich with iron, zinc, copper, magnesium, phosphor and potassium. Walnut does not contain cholesterol and it has high rate of unsaturated fat. Walnut has an important role in the human health with containing minerals and easily digestible protein content, beneficial fat acids compositions. Shelled walnut is preferred as the most important food additive in many products such as cake, tea, chocolate, ice cream, biscuit, jam, sesame, halva "Turkish traditional sweet that is prepared with sesame ", oil, sucuk "Turkish traditional meat contains spices", baklava, pastry.

In the Industry Sector:  Timber and leaves of the walnut is also very valuable in addition to the walnut fruit. Since the walnut furniture keeps the varnish very good, it doesn't go bad easily and it is very resistant against the harmful pest. For this reason, it is wanted tree for the furniture manufacturing as well as wood carving works. Fruit of the walnut tree is used as dried fruit, green hull of the walnut is used as paint material in textile industry. It became very valuable raw material in furniture industry with the changing color from dark brown to light brown, hard structure, especially patterned texture. Trees, shells and leaves of walnut are used in wood industry, in hardboard coating, in massive furniture making, as timber, in gun stock, in rifle butt, in frame construction, in airscrew, in turnery, in crate, in box, in giftware, in souvenirs, in luxury seat, in frame of the luxury seat and couch, in carving, in floor coating, in interior design of the luxury car, in perfumery sector, in paint industry, as additive in shampoo, in plastic and rubber industry, in oil industry, in medical industry ,  as feed for animals from walnut pulp, machinery parts as well as in many areas of industry sector. Importance of walnut in industry sector has been increasing day by day.   

In the Health Sector: Walnut doesn't contain cholesterol and has a high degree of unsaturated fat. It is quite rich in terms of linoleic acid and linolenic acid which are necessary for healthy life. 100 gram of walnut which is quite rich in terms of B1, B6, C and E vitamins, contains 670 calorie. It is a unique source of mineral with calcium, phosphor, magnesium, copper, zinc and iron. It contains silver ions and it feeds the cells from the memory part of the brain. For this reason, the walnut has a protection effect against memory loss. According to the tests conducted, it shows that olive oil and walnuts decrease the harm to the veins caused by fatty food. It also shows that walnut is keeping the veins flexible. With this feature of walnut, It is emphasized that walnut is more beneficial than olive oil for vein health. 

Walnut is demanded by individual consumers as well as corporate companies in Turkey. It sees strong demand in sweet, desert and halva industry which have widespread use of walnut.

Turkey is in the front rows for walnut consumption in worldwide. According to the Turkish Statistics Institution data of 2010-2011, walnut consumption of Turkey is in the level of 197.634 tons/ year while walnut export of Turkey is in the level of 7.309 tons/year.

Turkey that is the third important country in walnut production, is importing 30.000 tons/year walnut in average since Turkey can't meet the ever increasing walnut demand.


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